Wormwood Collection

Italesse presents a cocktail collection that fuses an appealing design with a highly technical and innovative product concept dedicated to cocktail professionals, premium bars and the hospitality world

The Wormwood series, that carries the common name of the absinthe plant, embodies a voyage in search of forms and decorative patterns that recall the Belle Epoque. Wormwood transports us into the intriguing world of American Speakeasy and French bars, charming us with its hypnotic engraved floral motifs.

In line with Italesse’s mission, the Wormwood collection is the synthesis of a strong, emotional design and a fundamentally technical product, characterized by resistant, high-grade crystalline glass and professional tasting forms.

The collection is born from Italesse’s ambition to work with important international players and Wormwood is the direct result of the collaboration between one of the most distinguished opinion leaders of the cocktail world, Giancarlo Mancino and the renowned designer Luca Trazzi. 
These two strong personalities have ingeniously combined an intricate aesthetic with a design that elevates mixed drink creations. 
Italesse seamlessly marries the work of two key experts in a collection that anticipates trends and offers technically evolved products that catch the eye with their unique charm.


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