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  • Italesse presents Aria, the new bottle display-case

    The designer display-case that protects and glorifies the bottles of wine, Champagne and spirits it contains.


    The item is designed to highlight the bottles, making it an innovative solution for the presentation of wines, made in highly transparent acrylic. Aria becomes an original ice-bowl for chilling and presenting winebottles by simply removing its sliders and cover.

  • Italesse Policrystal®

    Video presentation of the Policrystal® material by Italesse.


    Polycarbonate glassware by Italesse are made with a patented Policrystal® manufactured with a selection of the finest blends of polycarbonate. Combined with the exclusive know-how by Italesse in manufacturing techniques, the results both in terms of resistance and brilliance, are extraordinary.

  • Wormwood Bar at Vinitaly 2015

    Aperitif with Giancarlo Mancino and Wormwood Astoria.


    Italesse presented the Wormwood collection at the Wormwood Bar within the Italesse stand at the 2015 edition of Vinitaly.

    An aperitif in pure Wormwood style brought life to the evenings at the trade fair. In the video we can see the Astoria in action.

  • Richard Juhlin Optimum

    Together with Richard Juhlin, Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune present the new Richard Juhlin Optimum Champagne glass.


    From Trieste to Stockholm in search for the perfect champagne tasting glass. The Richard Juhlin Optimum glass was co-created by the three - thanks to the ability and extensive experience of Richard Juhlin in the champagne world, Claesson, Koivisto and Rune have transformed his ideas into lines and shapes, re-interpreting tradition with contemporary elements. Italesse has then applied its distinctive technical competences and knowledge of manufacturing processes to achieve the best quality possible in order to make Richard Juhlin Optimum a truly excellent product.

  • La Lame d’Eau, the water carafe produced by Italesse for the France Libertés foundation

    Presentation video of the La Lame d’Eau carafe by the France Libertés foundation and Philippe Starck.


    La Lame d’Eau is a product made by Italesse, an innovative design item which, by encouraging the user to drink tap water, thus delivers an important message: "humanity's common good, water has no price".

    Jointly with the France Libertés foundation of Danielle Mitterrand, Made In Design, and thanks to the creative contribution of the designer Philippe Starck, Italesse produces La Lame d’Eau, the carafe which promotes efficient use of water.

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