Xtreme® technology

Xtreme® is a registered trademark for products that are absolutely unique and inimitable. The glasses produced with this technology allow you to work in perfect safety even in “EXTREME” conditions. Xtreme® was created thanks to Italesse’s longstanding experience in the hotel and catering industry, guaranteeing professionals and end consumers an innovative and high quality product.

Italesse unbreakable glassware developed with Xtreme® technology radically improve the properties of current glass from a chemical, mechanical and optical perspective; all properties that can be measured quantitatively.

Properties of Xtreme® glasses:

Extreme Brilliance: their special composition makes these glasses permeable to light with a colour rendering of the liquid of 99.99%. To confirm their perfect transparency, light transmission through Xtreme® products is essentially equal to that of pure quartz (which is totally transparent and colourless).

Extreme Shock Resistance: mechanical resistance is definitely improved and with it the capacity to absorb shocks: +37.5% resistance on the edge of the glass, +105% shock resistance, + 98% torsion resistance.

Extreme resistance to washing: laboratory tests have showed that Xtreme® has high chemical homogeneity and high resistance to industrial washing, after which our glasses do not display any visible alteration and are guaranteed to preserve their initial properties. 

Pull-Stem Technology:

This technology ensures that the cup and stem are made in one piece and the foot plate is immediately attached to the stem which, only then, is pulled. Using this particular manufacturing method, a more resistant glass with no signs of welding is obtained.


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