Stamp Cutlery

Thin, stackable, ultra-light, durable. The small nomadic cutlery of Tomás Alonso is described through main steps in its production processes, from the idea to the finished product.

Original project born from the creativity of the Spanish designer Tomás Alonso, Stamp emerges as an ingenious set of small stackable cutlery; ultra-light, transportable and with an extremely nomadic feel.

Initially conceived to be made of ultra-light, recyclable and disposable aluminium, the small cutlery set has evolved into its current finish in polished stainless steel. Economic analysis and feasibility studies immediately proved that the market price would not have met the consumer needs for a disposable product but would in fact be a more adequate design for re-useable cutlery. A similar process had been followed to choose the finish of Stamp. The results of specific focus groups showed that the glossy finish - opposed to the initial matt aluminium - was far more suitable for the intended use and was more pleasant when in contact with the lips. The product remained lightweight when Italesse ensured that the minimumamount of steel needed to make the set was used.

Changes, improvements, research, a design process described in a few lines that condenses the work of months of product development, from an initial light aluminium foil to a stainless steel set now made even more convenient thanks to the Travel Stamp protection in washable cellulose fibre, the same used for the production of jeans labels, ideal to be carried in the bag, picnic baskets, boats...


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