Tasting serveware sets

Plates, bowls and cutlery represent a product category that is as new for Italesse as it is essential for opening the doors to the world of tasting serveware. A fundamental completion of the range, interpreted by Italesse in a singular and original way.

Thus, a set of “nomadic” cutlery is created in stainless steel, along with a set of stackable plates in melamine: a choice of particular function for the cutlery and an even more precise choice of material for the plates. Not the standard flatware or the typical porcelain plate but contemporary cutlery and plates designed to be used above all in the outdoor world, perfectly supported and complemented by the line of wine glasses and tumblers in polycarbonate (Beach or Fresnel).

Suitable to be used on boats and in gardens, they are also appropriate for everyday use, for an innovative and youthful mise en place. The cutlery set is presented in a case created in washable cellulose fibre, designed to make it easily and conveniently transportable everywhere. The set of plates can be stacked at will and is designed for serving appetizers and snacks with respective sauces or garnishes. Ideal for aperitifs, a typically Italian concept but increasingly exported abroad.

Two cross plates, perfectly stackable, that evoke the Maltese cross, rest on a large plate placeholder while 4 small bowls and an medium-sized bowl complete the set. In addition to the set there is the typical deep dish (for starters) and dinner plate (for mains), all strictly stackable.

All tasting serveware accessories are created in melamine, an innovative material within the range of Italesse materials, odourless, water-resistant, resistant to chemical agents, abrasion and heat, dishwasher safe, to which a satin finish is given with an elegant aspect, whose shine and neutral colours evoke porcelain. In addition to the small bowls in the plate set, Italesse also offers others, known as tapas – in unbreakable and dishwasher-safe Policrystal® - in three sizes (small/medium/large) and two colours. All tasting serveware items are ideal for various uses: appetizers, ice cream, salads, finger food.


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