Styles and colours

The universe of Italesse styles and colours

Glass, plastic and silicone materials, minimal lines or côté baroque, multiple variations for an original style defined by design coherence and professional know-how.

Defining the Italesse style means reinterpreting the company know-how – forged on professional markets – in light of the evolution of research, the development of materials, the application of colour, the incessant development of planning and design. A style that is defined by design coherence, close attention to market developments and requirements in line with its skills. Thus, of great importance in the Italesse world are neutrality, the transparency of glass and adaptability of plastic and silicone materials, the sharpness of the minimal lines, the sinuous nature of the most marked design and the vivacity of an absolutely original colour palette. A range of proposals connected by a common thread that can be seen in every product and every design, a distinctive mark recognisable in the most wide-ranging proposals.

  • Blue

    With the inspiration of an exotic place - like the Blue City of Jodhpur, situated in the federal state of Rajasthan (India), completely dotted with indigo houses, Italesse has chosen the blue colour for its latest collection. A single tone - cyan blue - intense, brilliant, lively, integrating harmoniously with the existing colour palette of the brand and able to interpret perfectly both indoor and outdoor living, an ideal ally for the boating world.

  • Colours

    Cloaked in an infinity of shades - a scale of the warmest, most intense reds merging with pink and ochre – this is Antelope Canyon, a gorge channelled by the action of wind and water in the Navajo region (of Arizona) that concedes all its magic just a single hour a day when the sun, reaching its zenith, gives rise to an unusual phenomenon, its rays transformed into concentrated beams of light. This the inspiration behind the rainbow of colours that Italesse has sought to recreate, an unbelievably original colour palette where the deepest of hues give way to soft shades and colours bordering on Fluo Pop.

  • Patterns

    The Pattern designs by Swedish trio, architects and designers Claesson Koivisto Rune, derive their inspiration from water in its various physical states. Observing transformations such as water condensation – involving the transition from gaseous to liquid states – or water surface tension - where surface molecules aggregate with those of the liquid below to form droplets – four original motifs were created, not by hazard labelled Liquid Pattern. Light play between the ornate surfaces and the liquid in the glasses and carafes creates an innovative design concept that enriches the basic glassware line of Italesse with a more elegant, evocative style.

  • Fresnel

    Invented by the physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel specifically for light beams for use in navigation, the Fresnel lens is a special type of spherical lens formed of concentric annular sections that can be used to produce large optical beams with short focal distances. An ingenious solution still employed today in light beams the world over, that can also be used in conjunction with optical prisms for increased lamp brightness - vital points of reference in the black of the night. Luca Nichetto – Venetian designer with sea and light beams in his DNA – has invented a mutation from the play of light over the facetted face of the Fresnel lens, creating a new type of surface for wine glasses and tumblers of the homonymous line, especially suited to outdoor use but equally at home indoors.

  • Bolle

    Observing the brilliance and purity of air bubbles trapped in ice crystals deep down in glaciers dating back thousands of years – that provide a record of the chemical and climatic changes that have occurred in the atmosphere over the last glacial cycles - Italesse has given a new image to champagne and ice buckets – a design by Luca Trazzi - where surfaces are completely covered in bubbles of transparent acrylic. A material that gives them multi-functionality, allowing a wider public to benefit from the technical advances normally reserved to the professional world.

  • B-side

    BSide objects by Italesse like the dark side of the Moon - not actually visible but constantly felt as a presence - have secondary uses, hidden behind their most immediate, primary purpose. Multifunctional, practical, convenient – sometimes even entertaining – BSide articles represent a last minute resource when it is necessary to invent solutions, or just for interpreting creatively objects that are intrinsically multipurpose in nature.


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