Lollipop Silicone Wine Stopper

Technical, emotional and customisable. These are the guidelines of the Italesse brief that led to the design of Lollipop, a silicone wine stopper that is the synthesis of observing daily life.

The designer Marco Zanatta has managed to internalize Italesse's spirit in order to create an object that is a perfect blend of technicality and appearance. The gestures and movements with which a bottle is uncorked are what suggested to the designer the need to equip the wine stopper with a larger and more comfortable grip.

It was decided, in fact, to work on the function rather than on the decoration: make the wine stopper longer, in a natural and non-invasive shape, so that it is easy to remove, at the same time creating an empty space used to personalise the product.

The search for the right shape to "merge" with that of the wine stopper started with the addition of a pull tab, using a silicone key chain as a rudimentary study model.

The tab soon made room for a more graceful slot and it is at this point, wirh a gesture that was as natural as it is instinctive, that the idea was born to hang the wine stopper over the neck of the bottle when not used, almost as if it were a necklace, a valuable object to be enjoyed by your dinner guests.

It is the enhancement of the value of an "anonymous" object such as a bottle wine stopper, a parallelism with the rituals of wine service where the wine stopper, together with its brand, is the absolute star and is displayed together with the bottle. One thing leads to the next, and the reflection on how to hang an object around the neck of a bottle brings back the memory of a velvet drip collar that belonged to my parents; the drip collar, with its right proportions and synthetic shape and function lastly did away with the idea of a slot, which condenses itself in the denser and more emotional shape of a "doughnut. Then, in 3D mode the best geometry was searched for, not without any difficulty, in order to provide solidity and naturalness to the union between silicone wine stopper and "doughnut".

The result is a friendly, emotional and easy-to-use silicone wine stopper, in which the references to the functions of the shapes used are immediately recognisable.


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