Silicone is an extremely soft inorganic polymer. With this material, form and functionality are easily combined, creating products with innovative and sensorial characteristics. This is the added value of Italesse’s silicone tableware gadgets

Ice bags which revisit traditional customs, but use silicone with its technical advantages. Glacettes designed to keep cool bottles of beer or cans of Coca-Cola, which at the same time avoid freezing or wetting the hands. Silicone tableware gadgets are designed respecting ergonomics and possess amazing flexibility with a distinctive personality. Italesse’s silicone tableware gadgets are enhanced by fun design and trendy colours making them suitable for any type of context or requirement.

Given silicone’s anti-adhesive, elastic, insulating, resistance to high / low temperatures and aging properties, this material can be used for the most diverse applications. In the automotive industry, silicone is used in the parts surrounding the engine. It is also widely used in the manufacture of products designed for children, such as soothers. Its characteristics ensure that the products remain unaltered and do not absorb any smells or flavours. Silicone is also used in medical prostheses, for coating/protecting objects and in the food industry where it is widely used as a coating for kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, moulds for desserts or pot holders.

Silicone rubbers given their low viscosity are particularly suitable to injection into moulds. Once the silicone has cooled, the constitutive parts of the mould forming the external and internal structure of the object are removed. Silicone is able to resist both low and high temperatures: from -90° to +300°.

Thanks to its high resistance, Italesse’s silicone tableware gadgets can be put both into the freezer and into the oven.


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