• Fasad

    A new concept for the wine world: a green glass wine bottle neither a bordeaux nor a burgundy with a completely singular and innovative design.

    design by: Claesson Koivisto Rune

  • Breathe

    A wine bottle characterized by a round base, an elliptical middle section and a round top section.

    design by: Luca Trazzi

  • Desire

    A wine bottle , 75 cl capacity, from the collection designed by Luca Trazzi, characterized by a round base and an oval body.

    design by: Luca Trazzi

  • Modì

    Still and sparkling wines bottles, available both in antique green and extra white glass, as well as large formats

    design by: Italesse

  • Blanca

    Created as a classical glass champagne bottle Blanca grants even more prestige to the Grandes Cuvées.

    design by: Italesse

  • Courbe

    Courbe by Luca Nichetto opens the way to a new bottle world path: it represents a great expression of design applied to bottles.

    design by: Luca Nichetto

  • Ligne

    With an unrepeatable design and trapezoidal shape, Ligne is the result of a series of tests of models made starting from a simple cylinder.

    design by: Luca Nichetto

  • Loft

    Italesse iconographic spirits' bottle: elegant and impressive, gives the right value to its content.

    design by: Archikò

  • Skyline

    Skyline is a bottle designed using joints of simple figures, like triangle and rectangle, ideal for spirits and liqueurs.

    design by: Archikò

  • Caviar

    Bottle with vivid masculinity and modernity: premium glass thickness for premium liqueurs or spirits.

    design by: Italesse

  • Smooth

    Squared glass bottle with an essential and attractive design.

    design by: Italesse

  • Untitled

    “Untitled” because absolutely timeless, this bottle encloses an evergreen design, simple and immediate, a perfect screw cap glass bottle

    design by: Italesse

  • One step

    Versatile, proportionally elegant bottle, ideal for a transversal use.

    design by: Italesse

  • Two step

    Bottle with strong personality due to its oval section: widely open shoulders narrowing while following a conical line down to the bottle’s base.

    design by: Italesse

  • Three step

    Bottle with an even stronger personality than Two Step, due to its wider open shoulders, oval section, conical lines down to the bottle’s base.

    design by: Italesse

  • Cannonball Step

    Bottle with a particularly short neck, slightly open shoulders that immediately descend, wide body, ideal for spirits and liqueurs.

    design by: Italesse

  • Hell Step

    Design and simple elegant lines are the characteristics of the glass distillate bottle Hell Step.

    design by: Italesse

  • Majestic

    Original and innovative decanter: frontally squared, laterally oval, ideal to contain old rum and cognac.

    design by: Archikò

  • Coraçon

    Heart shaped glass decanter for liqueurs.

    design by: Italesse

  • Liza

    Liqueur carafe whose classic square shape is revisited in an innovative way through the carafe facets which give light and elegance to the liqueur in it.

    design by: Italesse

  • Tower

    Decanter with minimal and clean design. A ridged side gives to the object an innovative and particular touch.

    design by: Italesse


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