Versatility and enchanting beauty make polycarbonate glassware in Policrystal® true masterpieces in the world of design for bar accessories. Sinuous and avant-garde shapes add value to technical know-how with strong distinguishing features.

Polycarbonate glassware by Italesse are made with a patented Policrystal® that distinguishes itself from other polycarbonate products being manufactured with a selection of the finest blends of polycarbonate. Combined with the exclusive know-how in Italesse’s in manufacturing techniques the results, both in terms of resistance and brilliance, are extraordinary.

Italesse’s research has led to the development of a complete polycarbonate product line whose design and colours give a touch of glamour to the collection, adapting it for use in a multiplicity of environments. From a technical perspective, polycarbonate is a special thermoplastic polymer, polyester, and its many physical characteristics include: resistance, safety in terms of contact for food and drink, extraordinary optical properties and superior mechanical and thermal properties which place it in the bracket of "technological" plastics.

As well as in tableware, polycarbonate is used in the world of optics (lenses for eyeglasses and the like), in the automobile and motorcycle industry (various accessories and helmets), in the medical field (containers of various kinds) and finally in the field of childcare (baby bottles), by virtue of its very special properties.

The production process for polycarbonate involves injection processing at 80°C and, given its intrinsic physical characteristics, this process requires the use of high pressure technologies in highly resistant moulds made with special steels. Polycarbonate is injected in liquid form into the steel mould through a plunger. Once cooled, the parts that constitute the mould form of the external and internal structure of the object are removed.

Properties of Policrystal®:

Crystalline transparency: high light transmission, superior even to certain types of glass, which gives our products characteristics of transparency and brightness that are rarely matched.

Dishwasher resistance: extreme resistance (superior to normal plastic materials) to thermal shocks and aggressive detergents used in modern washing systems.

Robustness and versatility: the unbreakable characteristic of Policrystal® makes it perfect for use in outdoor environments, such as swimming pools, beaches or spas and in very busy indoor areas such as pubs, clubs or sports facilities.

In addition, Policrystal® is extremely resistant to thermal shocks (from -135°C to +130°C) and can therefore be used in microwave ovens and freezers. 


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