Technical know-how: Thirty years of experience in the world of professional beverage and tableware

A technical and human background that has allowed us to make our mark as the brand of choice for international companies such as Veuve Clicquot, Laurent Perrier, Mumm, Bacardi, Ferrari, Absolut, Heineken...

Knowledge of the world of glass / Research.

Technical expertise developed over years of close relationships with the most accredited glass manufacturers, now made even more competitive thanks to the studies performed in the company laboratories in the constant search for unique compounds that are increasingly safe and with greater performance. Xtreme® Technology, the Oxy patent and for the first time the application of heavy industry techniques in the mechanical production of wine glasses and flutes marked by technical details until now could only be achieved manually. A leadership that has allowed us to achieve an unparalleled balance between costs, safety and technical/decorative quality.

Knowledge of the world of decoration.
Not only product development in the Italesse world but also knowledge of the world of decoration. Cutting-edge moulding techniques for Italesse-branded products or personalized drinking glasses for well-known international brands. 

Design, fashion, graphics, videos, decorative arts, visual and cultural demands that in years of experience have produced a wealth of ‘visual’ expertise. An aesthetic know-how that Italesse has transferred into the world of the serial product by applying to the emotional nature of the creative act a strict scientific method. Detailed screening – intended to investigate the receptivity of the product on the market, the technical/formal characteristics, the aesthetic/decorate features – the task of translating the creative act of the designer into products with high commercial value.


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