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The Pattern designs by Swedish trio, architects and designers Claesson Koivisto Rune, derive their inspiration from water in its various physical states. Observing transformations such as water condensation – involving the transition from gaseous to liquid states – or water surface tension - where surface molecules aggregate with those of the liquid below to form droplets – four original motifs were created, not by hazard labelled Liquid Pattern. Light play between the ornate surfaces and the liquid in the glasses and carafes creates an innovative design concept that enriches the basic glassware line of Italesse with a more elegant, evocative style.

Texture, decoration, design, ornament, the pattern identifies to all effects a style, a trend, an expression, a language. A smooth object and one with decoration are and are not the same thing, they speak and do not speak the same language. Devised to enrich the neutrality of glass, the pattern catalyses the eye of the consumer, altering their perception of the object without distorting it from the initial concept. By following this design premise, Italesse sought the cooperation of the Swedes CKR to give life to 4 decorations inspired by the forms of water in contact with glass, able to provide a new interpretation of the tableware line. The result is a highly decorative, emotional, ornamental line for more joyous tables and, why not, playful ones.


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