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Italesse introduces for the first time the concept of design systematically to the industrial production of luxury glass bottles paying great attention to adhere to all technical requirements of the – somewhat less creative - glass bottle industry.

Italesse’s design activity is not based on the idea of “creating beautiful bottles that can be produced with in-house technology”, that is, typical standard "glassware designs" but revolves around a real design project that the company specifically commissions to a professional designer - a person already known in the field, often with a “multidisciplinary” background (experience spanning sectors such as lighting, furniture, household articles, table accessories ...).

The form - the creative idea that results - is translated into a bottle by Italesse relying on the thirty years’ of experience and knowledge it has accumulated in the glassware sector, and recently further reinforced by the acquisition of Velvet Glass International.

It is this inestimable experience that empowers us to produce luxury glass bottles in sought-after forms that are difficult to realise, faithfully reflecting the original design from the designer’s hand, and that stimulates glassware technicians to exceed themselves, time and time again, constraining production machines also to exceed their own limits.

To produce these luxury glass bottles our sights are set on excellence, great passion for our work and no compromises.

We employ the glass designed for perfumery that is extra-white, luminous and transparent, without visible defects, in brief Velvet Glass®: a quality we have patented.

The luxury glass bottles, almost perfect with respect to the material of which they are composed, are distinctive for their pure, thick bases, ecologically balanced weights, and dies made of high technology, superior quality steel.

The final result is a “precious jewel” of a bottle, of impeccable quality, produced in Velvet Glass®, that is able to satisfy even the most refined requirements of the luxury food and drinks market.


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