The best-selling projects created by Italesse are explained

When you observe the fine detail of Italesse products that gives them their strong, distinctive character, the integrity and dedication behind the development in-house of every design phase becomes perfectly clear.

Market analyses, detailed briefs supplied to the creativity of designers, choice of project most consonant with Italesse style, focus groups, prototyping and, in the case of alterations, followed by further prototyping, sampling in different colours and sizes, pre-production and, to conclude, the final production phase when objects reveal the results of months of effort, technical trials and testing. A complex design chain during which time products are modelled, transforming the initial creative ideas into professionally-styled objects with a fascinating appeal.

  • Bolle

    A various product collection, united by the concept of play of light and reflections, thanks to the texture of the products covered by bubbles

  • Courbe high end bottles

    Courbe, bottle that perfectly combines advanced technology and innovative design

  • Tonic Coloured Tumbler

    The Nordic trait of Claesson Koivisto Rune redesigns the most classical of glasses. A refined project for innovative high tech tumblers with minimalist forms.

  • Stamp Cutlery

    From the aluminium sheet to the product in polished stainless steel. The design process of Stamp encapsulates research and good ideas.

  • Titan Thermal Carafe

    A precise brief, an internationally renowned designer, innovative materials. Titan, the creation of an iconic product.

  • Vinocchio Wine Decanter

    Geometric shapes and literary references in the making of Vinocchio, decanter of innovative shape, a real revolution in a segment of a strictly traditional market.

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