The best-selling projects created by Italesse are explained

When you observe the fine detail of Italesse products that gives them their strong, distinctive character, the integrity and dedication behind the development in-house of every design phase becomes perfectly clear.

Market analyses, detailed briefs supplied to the creativity of designers, choice of project most consonant with Italesse style, focus groups, prototyping and, in the case of alterations, followed by further prototyping, sampling in different colours and sizes, pre-production and, to conclude, the final production phase when objects reveal the results of months of effort, technical trials and testing. A complex design chain during which time products are modelled, transforming the initial creative ideas into professionally-styled objects with a fascinating appeal.

  • Figuière bottles

    In 2016, thanks to the collaboration with the Italian designer Luca Trazzi, Italesse puts together in a unique project: tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and innovation, excellence and creativity for the realisation of the new Figuière’s custom-made line.

  • Etoilé Collection - Maîtres Cuisiniers de France

    Vision, design, technique. Allusion, interpretation, application. The Etoilé project is born from the union of two souls, Italesse and Maîtres Cuisiniers de France, who have invested all their know-how.

  • Wormwood Collection

    Italesse presents a cocktail collection that fuses an appealing design with a highly technical and innovative product concept dedicated to cocktail professionals, premium bars and the hospitality world

  • Sparkle

    Sparkle has been exclusively designed to elevate the organic and olfactory properties of sparkling wines produced with the Champenois method and is perfect for the tasting of Trento Doc wines

  • Richard Juhlin Optimum

    Stemming from Italesse's insight, the Richard Juhlin Optimum Champagne flûte takes shape thanks to the cooperation between Richard Juhlin himself and the Claesson Koivisto Rune designers.

  • Lollipop Silicone Wine Stopper

    Practical, brightly colored, fun, these are the characteristics of the Lollipop Stopper designed by Marco Zanatta

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