Ice buckets for wine bottles, bowls and coolers

Always the ideal partner for the world’s best producers of champagne, Italesse not only creates for them goblets and flutes in crystalline glass but also champagne ice buckets for wine bottles.

The presence of champagne at the table, whether in a restaurant or at home, takes on a whole new dimension if presented in an elegant ice bucket.

The bottle assumes greater protagonism at the table; the champagne is kept at the right temperature thanks to the ice contained in the bucket and moreover, the table is enriched by a very distinctive object of design. The Italesse Ice buckets for wine bottles by italesse champagne buckets are true decorative elements with strong technical character, reflected in the material’s prominent thickness, the “diamond” cuts of the upper edges, the upturned bases which raise the bottle as though it were on a pedestal and the innovative materials used that are durable and very bright.

The majority of Italesse ice buckets for wine bottles are created in transparent acrylic material. The acrylic used by Italesse to produce its ice buckets for wine bottles is one of such transparency and brightness that it can often be confused with crystal. It is no coincidence that this material is used to manufacture lenses for spectacles. All Italesse’s acrylic ice buckets for wine bottles have prominent thicknesses that enrich the product considerably and make it more captivating. In addition this material is significantly more durable than other similar materials and its transparency allows the bottle inside to be immediately recognised.

An alternative to the transparent ice bucket for wine bottles in neutral or coloured acrylic, is the polypropylene bucket. These polypropylene buckets are opalescent and amplify the ice effect, denominated “frosted”, making the buckets translucent and virtually indestructible. Italesse ice buckets for wine bottles have broad and adaptable printable surfaces, and have the added benefit of being stackable.

Properties and characteristics that differentiate Italesse’s ice buckets for wine bottles from other ice buckets on the market is their greater volume and capacity. Generally, ice buckets for wine bottles can contain a maximum of 1-2 bottles, Italesse’s champagne and wine buckets are more capacious: they can be used for both cans (soft drinks) and bottles of beer, and from 3-8 bottles of wine/champagne.

A distinguishing element of our champagne and wine ice buckets are the inclusion illuminating LED bases. Available in two varieties: external (Gran Pagoda bowl) or internal base supports – that fit inside base of the ice buckets and champagne buckets. LED bases are truly the accessory “of the moment”. They illuminate the ice buckets for wine bottles and their content, giving greater visibility to prestigious and prized wine labels. Similar in terms of function, are the thermal glacettes, developed to keep the internal temperature of the drink constant for as long as possible.

An internal vacuum in either a double wall or created by internal flaps that distance the bottle from the bottom and sides make these a must-have. Strictly for 1 bottle, Italesse’s isothermal glacettes are made in soft silicone, which help grip the bottle without chilling or wetting your hand and avoiding warming the drink inside.


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