Fasad Glass Wine Bottle

Characterised by its cut-away shoulder, glass wine bottle Fasad represents a real revolution in the world of wine

Italesse’s experience in the luxury glass manufacturing industry finds unique expression under the creative hands of the Swedish design trio CKR. Fasad explores new avenues for the traditional glass wine bottle with its contemporary lines and innovative shapes.

The objective for any project in the complex luxury packaging industry is to provide a container that brings added-value to the product, implicitly communicating its quality. The Swedish design trio CKR after its various successful collaborations with Italesse, rise up to this new challenge with the glass wine bottle Fasad for Italesse. This entirely unique wine bottle addresses the most complex needs in the market with a completely new concept and form.

Characterised by its cut-away shoulder, green glass wine bottle Fasad represents a real revolution in the world of wine. CKR give the bottle contours that allude to traditional shapes such as the burgundy and Bordeaux, but it is in fact neither, a feature that renders it an entirely unique category.

CKR’s contribution to the Italesse glass wine bottles collection successfully marries traditional lines with strictly contemporary aesthetic traits that make it as innovative as it is functional. The name "Fasad" which translates directly from the designers’ native Swedish to mean façade, is a direct reference to the bottle’s slanting, flat surface. This feature was incorporated in the bottle’s design because it represents an ideal space for decoration and labelling, a feature that renders the bottle an effective tool for the communication of the contents and its immediate recognition given its striking forms.


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