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In 2016, thanks to the collaboration with the Italian designer Luca Trazzi, Italesse puts together in a unique project: tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and innovation, excellence and creativity for the realisation of the new Figuière’s custom-made line.

The Italesse experience in glass production and luxuxy packaging sector is always orientated towards the realisation of prestigious products on demand in order to bring the company in the projectuality world with the international designers support. Italesse’s previous knowledge has permitted the realisation of this project creating a new design for the Figuière’s bottles, respecting the customer exigencies and the last market trends.

The project comes from the customer need to create a bottle that recalls the family Combard’s bourguignonne origin, highlighting not only the provenance, but also associating it with the iconographical Provençal ideology expressed through the bottle extended and thin neck line. In more detail: the project is developed around a tapered bottle, made of extra-white glass, which has to maintain a flat and high labelling area where a label of 11 cm can be affix enhancing the wine quality. The bottle mouth is deliberately minimalist and with a dry cut (band reduced to the minimum terms) to give a craftsmanship feeling and the resulting light taper has allowed to the Combard family the considerable reduction of caps costs. Finally, the bottle bottom is personalized with the family name that commissioned the project.

The main objective for Italesse is the custom-made promotion that satisfies the customer exigencies in every detail, such as the labelling area, the cap, the storage etc., offering high quality products and by getting commission projects that Italesse develops and personalizes thanks to the designer support.


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