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Vision, design, technique. Allusion, interpretation, application. The Etoilé project is born from the union of two souls, Italesse and Maîtres Cuisiniers de France, who have invested all their know-how.

The mission is not easy, and has a strong pioneering spirit because the demands of the French masters are extremely high. Elegance and beauty are combined to meet the heights of the poetry of their dishes; functionality and technique are essential at the highest level of professionalism. A beautiful and reliable stem glass is required. Durable and light. A stem glass that is both an emblem and a guarantee. 
Prototype after prototype, the fine-tuning process concludes with a hallmark Italesse result: aesthetics combined with functionality. 
Technical bowls with shapes and features ideal for wine tasting, and suitable for all types of wine -a challenge within a challenge-. Thus tasting and function become multi-tasting and multi-function. The stems of the Noir and Blanc glasses passes  characteristic height. Pure elegance: fine and resistant, long and slender, perfectly matching technical bowls that stand out from the crowd.
The Sparkle stem glass is a true revolution: a wide bowl, elegantly high body with seven perlage points. Other intuitions complete the project: Xtreme®, an innovative material and the contemporary reinterpretation of the art of glass blowing tradition. 
With Noir, Blanc, Sparkle and the Cristal tumbler, Etoilé is ready to be judged by the masters.



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