Vertical wine stemware are are made with Xtreme® technology that guarantees further resistance to torsion and shocks, greater brilliance and renewed appeal

Made with the ultimate Xtreme® technology that improves glass resistance to shock and torsion, develops brilliance and renews appeal, Vertical Large and Medium stemware are the ideal wine tasting stemware for light white wines and precious red wines, be tempted by sparkling wines and champagne and to create new creative drinks that can turn a pleasurable break and routine gestures into a daily luxury to be tasted either alone or in company.

Only the medium version of these wine tasting stemwares is available with the 4 patterns designed by swedish trio Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Vertical Medium wine tasting stemware is available in 4 colours: violet, red, white, blue (Vertical Medium Color Pro®).

Design by: Italesse


Height [mm]:
210.0 - 222.0
Capacity [cc]:
390.0 - 500.0
Maximum diameter [mm]:
82.0 - 90.0






Dishwasher safe

High transparency

Extreme resistance


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