Richard Juhlin Optimum

Richard Juhlin Optimum, the perfect Champagne glass. Created with the specific purpose of lifting the tasting sensory experience to its highest level.

Ideal for all kinds of tables - from the most classic to the most contemporary - and able to satisfy both sophisticated and minimalist tastes. The individuality and uniqueness of the Richard Juhlin Optimum champagne glass mean that it is a particularly versatile product, suitable to integrate all other lines.

The technical characteristics that make Richard Juhlin Optimum glasses excellent champagne glasses are the diameter of its rim, the width, height of the bowl and the sunken curve.

Richard Juhlin Optimum champagne glass is ideal for pouring, requiring a simple, elegant and harmonious gesture. Every sip provides the combination of the beauty of the glass and the awareness of holding a technically perfect tasting instrument in your hands. Because Optimum enhances champagne, it brings it to life. It undeniably enhances the tasting experience, and it is accessible to everyone, even individuals approaching the world of Champagne for the first time. 

Design by: Claesson Koivisto Rune


Capacity [cc]:
Maximum diameter [mm]:






Dishwasher safe

Extra perlage

High transparency


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