• Glasses and Stemware

    Stem glasses and tumblers are Italesse’s ‘hallmark’ product

  • Ice buckets, bowls and coolers

    Merchandise category in which Italesse is unrivalled for IT’S innovative, practical, style

  • Carafes

    Multi-use carafes that charm and fascinate, an essential element in the assorted collection from the Trieste beverage accessories company

  • Trays

    Merchandise category in which Italesse stands out for elegance and practicality

  • Decanters

    A rather traditional merchandise category has been re-invented by Italesse with taste and charm

  • Plates, bowls and cutlery

    With plates and cutlery, Italesse is now affirming itself also in the tableware world

  • Placemat & Runners

    New merchandise category for Italesse, featuring original colours and innovative materials, all just waiting to be discovered

  • Drinkware & barware accessories

    Merchandise category comprising of assorted articles, where practicality meets sheer pleasure

  • Bottles

    Newly inaugurated Italesse product category, that has nevertheless been ever-present in the company’s essence, if only by vocation


Where to find our products and the retail locations

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