Designer drinkware and designer barware accessories

All designer drinkware and barware accessories have their own function but the overall purpose of the accessories in the catalogue of the Trieste company is to add colour, style and a touch of singularity to the overall offer.

A champagne stopper, an ice-sac, a silicone trivet and various barware accessories define a product category in itself, varied, multi-faceted and always original.

Italesse was among the first firms to create a stopper for champagne bottles with a distinct design, with the external part in transparent dome-shaped decorated acrylic and a hook in resistant steel that was aesthetically pleasing. For a perfect mix of materials and colours.

Italesse then brought to the market a bizarre and unusual drinkware accessory: an ice-sac in soft, coloured silicone, created to break ice cubes manually, for preparing cocktails or crushed long drinks.

Equipped with a fun, almost humorous design, the sac can transform itself where necessary into an original vase for flowers.

Still in silicone is Italesse’s trivet, true kitchen-ware.

Last but not least the designer barware accessories: a technical apron, a water-proof placemat, a pestle and mortar complete the Italesse offer and make it accessible to industry professionals or aspiring professionals.


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