Contemporary tableware and glassware for professionals

This section is an introduction to the Italesse contemporary tableware and glassware offer, our personal interpretation of accessories dedicated to the beverage and tableware world both for individuals and firms alike

Here, you can explore the full scope of our tableware offer, the reach of Italesse’s proposals, our product categories, our supporting partners and opportunities for joint collaboration and development.

A contemporary tableware and glassware collection designed to be used in all environments, numerous product categories, cutting-edge decorative techniques, custom designs, uniqueness and discipline in distribution, worldwide collaborations of certified excellence, all-round service to the customer.


The most appropriate services for the individual sales channel

Professionals from the beverage world, distributors, restaurateurs, caterers, buyers and dealers will have the opportunity to learn about Italesse’s competitive advantage, to enter into the company’s core-business, to discover more about the various services available to customers, to now more about its promotional tableware items and promotional glassware; in short– browsing this section –you will be captivated by the entire Italesse world


Major Italesse projects

Italesse proposes its branded promotional merchandise. From the detailed customisation of objects for major professionals in the beverage world to the decoration of luxurious tables in prestigious restaurants, from the embellishment of rooms in the most famous international hotels to in-store events. In this section, Italesse describes some of its most prestigious projects of branded merchandise and achievements in terms of visibility and describes its food and beverage service items 


The meaning of product categories for Italesse

Redefining the traditional stem glass through a revisited version of the same, a glass, a jug or a bucket, explaining the development that lies behind these objects in terms of study, inspiration, design and production - essential elements that convey the added value and the quality of Italesse designer tableware and glassware


Italesse customers

From the most famous Champagne houses to the biggest brands in the beverage industry, from resorts to luxury hotel chains to large department stores. Italesse presents some of its major partners and its personalized drinkware


Where to find our products and the retail locations

Press area

Access and download our Press Kit to be kept up-to-date with Italesse News.

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