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Cloaked in an infinity of shades - a scale of the warmest, most intense reds merging with pink and ochre – this is Antelope Canyon, a gorge channelled by the action of wind and water in the Navajo region (of Arizona) that concedes all its magic just a single hour a day when the sun, reaching its zenith, gives rise to an unusual phenomenon, its rays transformed into concentrated beams of light. This the inspiration behind the rainbow of colours that Italesse has sought to recreate, an unbelievably original colour palette where the deepest of hues give way to soft shades and colours bordering on Fluo Pop.

The Italesse colour palette derives from the professional world. Made up of decisive, vivacious, bright colours like purple, red, black or fluorescent, the whole palette is suitable for indoors and outdoors, day and night with extreme flexibility. Cheerful, fun and vivacious by day, the Italesse colours become intense, profound and rich in personality by night, accentuating the transversal nature that transforms them into the perfect partners in all environments and all seasons.*red: There are two shades chosen by Italesse to reinterpret the most passionate, sanguine, transgressive, bright colour: red. Vivacious, slightly leaning towards lobster tones, is the colour chosen to interpret the coolness and dynamism of the Beach Line; deep, intense and provocative is the colour applied to the sophisticated traits of the Fresnel Line. *purple: Spiritual, mystic, profound, almost intimate, by night, the purple chosen by Italesse becomes decorative, cool, evocative of Provençal fields and intense spring aromas by day. Double meaning, double use for a colour with a thousand facets.*black: Symbol of classicism, elegance, rigor, the black chosen by Italesse once again lends itself to dual interpretations. Sometimes solid, sometimes transparent in the new smoky version, this colour/non-colour becomes a true passe-partout with strong but uninvasive personality.*white frost: Inspired by the semi-transparency of ice and evoking its cold sensation, the white frost chosen by Italesse takes its inspiration again from the professional world but reinterprets its lines and shapes for transversal, elegant products that are convenient by day and sophisticated by night.*Fluorescent yellow: Daring, fun, outside the box and a rule-breaker – this is the fluorescent colour chosen by Italesse. Acid tones combined with sophisticated shapes for a colour that evokes long nights to the rhythms of techno-music. An unconventional proposal to add colour to fun and the desire to escape.*Earl Grey: Discordant shades in the company’s colour palette, Italesse has chosen the soft tones of Earl Grey – evoking the material nature of the wood and the land – to give warmth and sinuousness to synthetic materials, ennobling plastic materials. The result is a colour of great comfort, perfect alone, original if combined with bright shades.


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