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BSide objects by Italesse like the dark side of the Moon - not actually visible but constantly felt as a presence - have secondary uses, hidden behind their most immediate, primary purpose. Multifunctional, practical, convenient – sometimes even entertaining – BSide articles represent a last minute resource when it is necessary to invent solutions, or just for interpreting creatively objects that are intrinsically multipurpose in nature.

Constantly striving for original and alternative solutions, it is in the design of objects with B-side forms that Italesse brings to fruition its most creative, most visionary ideas. Defined by a primary function, the B-side objects proposed by Italesse hide a second – sometimes playful – function, able to enhance the value of the object both in terms of opportunities for use and in terms of commercial value. Research tells us that the B-side of an object rarely becomes the real driver in purchases, but the added value represented by a “story to tell” can be nothing but a plus point when it comes to sales.


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