It is the enthusiasm with which we face new challenges, our curiosity about future scenarios, the love of the market in which we operate; the secret of the passion behind every Italesse product and the secret that drives us day after day to experiment with new design paths

Joy of life
The pleasure of a dinner among friends, a special toast, a tête-à-tête meeting, a family celebration, moments of everyday life that have always been central concepts in our projects. Convivial in their very nature, our products are designed to offer a quality service without forgetting the fun of sharing.

Search for beauty
The pleasure of harmonic lines, irresistible shades, materials with seductive tactility. Emotional characteristics that have always been the 'plus-points' of our products, now more than ever essential in a market increasingly filled with aesthetic and stylistic quality requirements.

Attention to detail
If details make the difference, this is what we owe our history. Pushing the limits, improving performance, standing out from the crowd, results achieved by urging on the strength of the unique in each stage of production, from the initial brief to the finished product, from packaging to visual communication, for products that never leave anything to chance.

Search for quality
Encourage the constant search for new materials, new colour applications, devising technical solutions that are increasingly efficient and competitive, experimenting with new and effective connections between the professional world and the world of design. Challenges and goals that we push to the limits every day to achieve quality results of absolute excellence. This is evident expecially with the branded glassware.

“Leading trends”
Anticipating trends, experimenting by innovating, creating new projects in step with the times. These are the stimuli that allow us to be recognised as a company leader of new trends in the professional market and the market aimed at the end consumer.

It is the entire production chain, the targeted selection of suppliers, the continual adaptation of the entire network of professionals connected to the brand that ensures the highest quality and safety of our products.

Respect for human relationships with customers and suppliers
Enhancing skills, relying on professionals of proven experience, cultivating human relationships, central aspects of our philosophy and our way of life now more than ever emphasised by the global dimension of interpersonal connections.


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