Markets: where our products our destined

Two different markets emerge when we evaluate the motivations behind the purchase of Italesse products. Italesse strives to meet the demands of both markets with the utmost competence and reliability, specifically in the case of the final market – that uses the product in its final form without implementing any transformations whatsoever, and in the case of the industrial market that chooses Italesse products in the exercise of its core business to bring added-value to its brands or to support its own products.

The final market
This is the market that uses our glasses, carafes, decanters, ice-buckets and champagne buckets, accessories to satisfy a primary need, the use of the object itself

Our market is the end consumer who choosing Italesse products for private use at home. The Italesse consumer is an enthusiast or a neophyte who perceives the innovative approach behind our objects and wants to experience and share a table in a new way. A consumer who seeks objects, which present professional functional and technical features but characterised by colours, materials and lines studied to convey pleasure while performing a certain function.

The purchase can be made through various sales structures, the most common of which is the retail channel, the world of shops, both offline and online. However, those who demand Italesse products for immediate, direct use, concretely for “final” use, are restaurateurs, hotels, catering services, consortiums and wine bars that purchase not in view of reselling, changing or altering the object but because it is useful for their business activities. They seek an established provider of promotional barware equipment that fuses design and functionality. Hotels, restaurants, wine bars and clubs throughout the world become the latest cult venues enhanced by cutting edge interior design and this includes tableware and barware accessories. They are the actual trend setters of a new approach to hospitality, to the table, to tasting to heighten the sophistication of entertainment, and Italesse meets this need with an all round targeted offer.

The industrial market
Driven by the demand of companies to produce trendy premium promotional items and luxury merchandising that artfully communicates and promotes their own brand, Italesse also approaches the industrial market designing technical, professional, versatile objects that adapt well to a change in look. Italesse completes its range for the industrial market with luxury packaging making containers for firms in the beverage industry in search for a sophisticated packaging offer.

Companies that belong to this market choose and make use of Italesse products for a wide range of purposes, ranging from gifts to promotional initiatives and from merchandising to packaging, along with their own product, to either enhance the value of their own or as packaging for their own product. They are basically well-known producers of wine, champagne, distillates, other beverages, oil and vinegar, cosmetics, fragrances and healthcare products, both Italian and international. Packaging is conventionally divided into two types, namely for the mass market and the luxury market.

This is Italesse's target market, whose latest trends include material processing, growing focus on details and the proposal of solutions studied to reduce environmental impact. When it comes to luxury bottles, they are not mere containers but rather genuine works of art, icons of design, specially created as unrivalled collector's items to convey the prestige not only of brand and contents, but also of the packaging designer. Italesse fully understands these demands and produces bottles that mirror the customer's style and perfectly interact with the potential consumer.


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