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Bar line

Latest materials, technical details, excellent performance for products in the Italesse Bar Line. Aprons, mortars and pestles, carafes, ultra-technical stoppers, all featuring a dry style for which total black is often the choice for professional use at home or in the bar. Together with those Italesse presents the original Wormwood collection.

Practical, easy to handle, specialised, high performance. The Italesse Bar Line offers a selection of products that is technical in nature but with a striking design, produced using the latest materials and designed to facilitate services at home as in a bar. It is with this intention that various products have been produced, such as the Wormwood collection, Suitskin - a professional apron designed by Luca Nichetto – ,Organizer – an integrated system of organisers and ice buckets –, Epi/Ipo – a mortar and pestle with a tactile aspect, again by Luca Nichetto. Sharing a clean style, often in total black, the products of the Bar Line are able to respond across the board to the demands of both the food and beverage worlds.


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