Solomon Acrylic Ice Bucket

Solomon, a singular acrylic ice bucket conceived with a strong sense of purpose and a captivating aesthetic

Carlos Tiscar, has dedicated his life to the design and development of all sorts of compelling items for the home and the professional world. Tiscar’s unique contribution to Italesse has come in the form of Solomon, a singular acrylic ice bucket conceived with a strong sense of purpose and a captivating aesthetic.

Designers are known for their attention to the details of mundane rituals and gestures in our everyday lives. The inspiration for acrylic ice bucket Solomon comes from sheer observation. Tiscar, ever-attentive to the minutia in bustling situations, noticed an ice bucket slip from a waiter’s grip and therein identified a problem in need of a solution. Ice buckets with smooth lines and surfaces soon gather condensation on their surfaces and make them prone to slipping from busy hands.

Tiscar’s solution? Ridges and grooves that could create an undulating surface that would promote grip and ease handling. This drove the designer instinctively to the image of a spiral turning upon itself, to create an object with movement and striking forms This immediately evoked the Guggenheim Museum of New York in the designer’s imagination that is clearly alluded to in the piece’s name.

As with all of the Italesse designer creations, Tiscar designs the striking product with a commitment to multifunctionality. The acrylic ice bucket is of course ornamental, serving equally as a table centre-piece or an original flower vase but moreover, if turned upside-down it turns into a highly effective bottle-glorifier to award greater protagonism to prized bottles.

As the Solomon project gathered momentum in the Italesse collection, the integration of a light feature in the design could not go amiss. Adding a touch of suffused light, acrylic ice bucket Solomon gathers even further protagonsim at the tables of clubs and restaurants.

It’s LED base that refracts through the plastic material illuminates the most secluded corners for intimate aperitifs and adds a touch of glamour in exclusive clubs. An illuminated Solomon works perfectly in indoor and outdoor environments, creating a continuous play of light reflected between contents and container.


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