A harmonious collection featuring sinuous shapes, brilliant shades, innovative materials and technical details. This describes Bolle, the collection designed by Luca Trazzi for Italesse.

A designer with acute intuition, accustomed to dealing with large international brands, Trazzi has succeeded in the difficult task of creating a collection that condenses precious aesthetic values and functional details to satisfy the retail and professional markets.

When requested to create products with "comfortable" lines which are emotional, far from cold minimalism and at the same time not mere decoration, Trazzi responded with a first series of objects - a tumbler, a cooler and a champagne bucket - covered with transparent spheres made of acrylic material able to refract light and create extraordinary effects of reflection.

The impact was immediate. Clubs, restaurants, bars immediately grasped the added value of Bolle, recognising the elements that brought Italesse to the attention of markets worldwide: a flawless production know-how, the application of Policrystal® - a selection of the best blends of polycarbonates leading to unmatched brilliance, durability and versatility - and a choice of basic and innovative shades. In addition to the traditional clear and glossy black, Italesse has, in fact, opted for a delicate shade of pink, a gamble and a hit at the same time.

The next step had to be the extension of the collection. The Bolle tumblers thus went into production made of glass in six new colours, the Bolle Pitcher and the raised Bolle Cakestand, a real novelty for Italesse that has opened up a new segment tableware market.
Boasting multi-functionality and overcoming the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, the Bolle collection integrates the Italesse range with consistency and a touch of unfailing exclusivity.



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